Collier Harvest

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  1. Help him find the first couple to start the game until he gets the hang of it.#4 Music or TVPut on the TV or radio for your dog.

  2. Marion Morrison points out that perhaps its simply the emotional appeal of the pet [combined with] a piece of art.

  3. Although known mostly for its robust smell, the chemical can also cause intense discomfort if it gets into a person’s or animals eyes.

  4. – Dude submitted by Bryan B8) Humphrey Squatters McSquishyMcSquishy is the best surname in the world for the guy with that face!

  5. This is often the hardest part of the process; we all have a soft spot for hard luck cases after all.

  6. Then, with your dog sitting in front of you, offer her that fist, and let her sniff.

  7. Drafting and herding work come naturally to him, but thats just the beginning.