How Anthony Field Got His “Wiggle” Back With Chiropractic Care

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How Anthony Field Got His “Wiggle” Back
As leader of Australian children’s music group The Wiggles, Anthony Field performs in concerts for over a million audience members each year. Since 1991, the group has earned 17 gold, 12 platinum, three double-platinum, and ten multi-platinum awards for sales of over 17 million DVDs and 4 million albums. Witnessing the unmatched joy of young kids singing and dancing up a storm every day makes the Wiggles, according to Anthony, “the greatest job in the world”.

But despite their unprecedented worldwide success, he almost gave it all up in 2004. Anthony was addled by chronic back and neck pain along with a string of digestive and food intolerance issues that had left him in a general state of poor health and fueled the clinical depression he had battled for years. As much as he loved performing with the Wiggles, it got to the point that he simply couldn’t continue. According to Anthony, he was “smiling on stage every day, but in agony behind the scenes.”

The Chiropractic Difference
Fortunately, Anthony discovered chiropractic care, which he credits to literally saving his life and career. His chiropractor took the time to explain fully how his spine acts like a giant spring and how not only his physical ailments but the series of chronic, debilitating illnesses he was experiencing stemmed from the locking of his spring. After working with his chiropractor for a few days, Anthony started looking at his body in a whole new way.

He began to hire teams of chiropractors for himself, his fellow band members, and cast members in every city they performed, which he credits with making it possible for the Wiggles to fulfill their touring requirements. His experience with chiropractic inspired him to embrace a physical health and fitness routine that he’s detailed in his book, How I Got My Wiggle Back. Now at age 48, Anthony, along with the rest of the Wiggles, is in better health and more physically fit than he was in a teenager, all due to the chiropractic and physical fitness routines they’ve adopted.

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Is your spring “stuck”? We’d love to help you get your wiggle back! At Wellness Way Chiropractic, we believe in taking a proactive approach to health by maintaining an optimal nervous system with chiropractic care instead of waiting for illness or disease to happen. Through gentle, effective chiropractic adjustments in combination with counseling on proper nutrition, exercise and postural habits, we can help you and your family reach your optimum health potential. To make an appointment at Wellness Way Chiropractic, call 414-367-6050 or schedule an appointment with our online scheduling app.Blank

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    My child loves The Wiggles. Glad he got his health back. You’ll be surprised how one spinal issue can lead to many health problems. A chiropractic care will help cure a lot of ailments.

  2. Chiropractor Services Essex County NJ

    Visiting a chiropractor can help you deal with a number of conditions. In some cases, a visit to the chiropractor can take away the need for painkillers or at least reduce it.

  3. Mike Marko

    I agree that chiropractor has lots of uses, especially for the back thing. Thanks for sharing your blog it is very helpful.
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