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Do You Have A Posture Problem?

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The Posture Question
When I discuss posture with my adolescent patients I often think back to my childhood and being reprimanded by my elders to “stand up straight!” or “quit slouching!” or “sit up and tighten your core!” But as annoying as it was then, I hope that parents here in Milwaukee, Greenfield and West Allis are telling their kids the same thing, because most people just don’t understand the importance and necessity of good posture for your overall health!

Why Is Good Posture Important?
We’re often told how important proper posture is, and it’s easy to recognize poor posture due to years of bad habits in older adults. But many fail to consider that your posture is simply an outward reflection of how well your spine (and therefore your spinal cord and nervous system) are functioning! Read more

Got Back Pain? Tips For Improving Back Pain At Home

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Back PainGot Back Pain?
For those dealing with acute or chronic back pain, simply getting through the day is often a challenge. Maybe you were in a car accident at some point and the pain still lingers. Maybe you recently took a bad fall or have a sports injury that causes normal range of motion or even sleeping feel like a chore.

Whatever the reason, what’s most important in recovering from back pain is getting it treated as soon as possible. The earlier you see a chiropractor or other spinal specialist, the less likely you’ll become dependent upon drugs and/or surgery.

Depending upon how and why your back pain developed, a chiropractor can offer you a combination of strengthening exercises, physical therapy, and recommend postural changes. Here are a few more tips to help manage your back pain. Read more

How To Avoid Back Pain In Daily Activities

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Avoiding Back Pain
As we age and our bodies become more susceptible to damage from every day activities, back pain can become increasingly problematic. Minor aches and pains can progress to long-term damage if we are not careful how we carry out certain activities. Consider these tips when engaging in daily activities to keep your back healthy and pain-free.

Good Posture
Perhaps the easiest step to take to avoid back pain is maintaining good posture. Whether it’s something simple like sitting at a desk or something more challenging like a long-haul flight, avoid slouching; try and sit upright, keeping your back straight and flush against the back of your seat. Read more

What Causes A Herniated Disc & How Is It Treated?

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What Is A Herniated Disc?

Milwaukee Herniated DiscHerniated discs occur when tears in the fibrous, exterior rings of spinal vertebrate discs are severe enough to permit the fleshy, inner portion of these discs (the nucleus pulposus) to bulge and extend past the injured, outer rings.

Sometimes called a “bulged” or “slipped” disc, a herniated disc involves damage to the tissues that act as cushions between the vertebrae. Without these soft cushions, vertebrae bones would not only scrape against each other but humans would be incapable of performing any type of movement without experiencing severe pain. Read more

Simple Stretches For A Good Golf Game

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Golf ChiropracticPreparing Your Body For Golfing
In any sport getting your warm up right is vital to preventing injury and enjoying your fitness program. A key part of any warm-up routine is dynamic stretching, something a lot of people forget to do before they exercise.

Dynamic stretching before a game of golf is particularly important because your back, shoulders, arms and legs are all at risk of being injured if you don’t take the correct precautions to prepare them for the motions. Here are a few simple stretches that you can do to protect your muscles and improve your game of golf. Read more