Cycling: Preventing Back, Neck and Joint Pain With Chiropractic Care

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Meeting Your Health Goals & Maximizing the Results of Chiropractic Care

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Maximizing The Results of Your Treatment
Every patient who walks into our office looking for a Burlington chiropractor has their own idea of what they hope to achieve with chiropractic care. Some want a quick fix, others are seeking rehabilitation and management of a longer-term problem. Many patients we see in our office are not dealing with a specific problem at all but are simply looking the reach the optimal overall health potential they know chiropractic care can help them achieve.

But no matter what their objective is, every patient wants to know the same thing: “How can I maximize the health benefit of what we’re doing here?” To answer this question, let’s take a look at the three phases of chiropractic treatment: Relief Care, Corrective Care, and Maintenance Care. Read more

Which Treatments Are Most Effective For Headaches?

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Dealing With Migraine or Tension Headaches?
After back and neck pain, headaches are one of the most common reasons that patients seek out chiropractic care. It’s no surprise, as 90% of Canadians suffer from tension headaches or migraine headaches at some point in their lives.

There are a variety of techniques and modalities that chiropractors commonly use to treat headaches, including spinal adjustments, joint mobilization, massage therapy, targeted stretches and exercises, and soft-tissue modalities. Most of the available research regarding the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment for headaches focuses on just one type of headache or a specific treatment method.

However, very few systematic reviews have compared the overall efficacy of the various techniques employed by chiropractors for treating headache symptoms. For example, do tension headaches respond best to spinal manipulations? Will a patient suffering from migraines require more exercise therapy compared to patients with other types of headaches? Read more

Exercise Smarter, Not Harder

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Everyone wants the greatest return on the time spent exercising, and it’s natural to believe that exercising faster and longer with lead to bigger, faster results. However, doing so without preparing adequately can easily lead to injury. The time spent recovery, possibly even in rehabilition, can easily put you right back where you started in strength and fitness. It goes without saying that avoiding injuries is important, and exercising smarter is the best method of achieving that. Taking a smarter approach to exercise can also ensure you’re achieving progressive, continual gains in health and fitness. Read more

How To Avoid Falls And Accidents During Winter

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tumblr_n0n4r7qznN1slhhf0o1_1280Stay Safe This Winter

Snow is lovely and can effectively make an old brick house look like it came straight from a Thomas Kinkade painting. However, the below freezing temperatures do not make for safe roads and sidewalks; every twist and turn may be a potential slippery situation that can cause serious personal injury. Whether you are walking or driving, it takes a high level of caution and defensive driving to prevent accidents. Try the following tips to keep yourself safe from broken bones or worse. Read more

Facts About Spine Treatments

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Milwaukee Chiropractor Spine Treatment FactsBack pain is second only to upper-respiratory infections as most common medical reason for visits to the doctor’s office. In fact, at some point 4 out of every 5 Americans will suffer from low back pain!

The good news is that over 95% of all low back pain cases are caused by biomechanical dysfunction that can be treated effectively with chiropractic care. Fewer than 5% have more insidious explanations. A multidisciplinary panel of experts appointed by the US Agency for Health Care Policy and Research recently reviewed nearly 4,000 studies on treatment for cases of acute low back pain. The panel reported that decompression surgery, bed rest, corticosteroids, and prescription pain-killers, anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxers were all less desirable treatment options than chiropractic adjustments, which they noted can indeed be beneficial for patients with acute low back problems.

Doesn’t preventative chiropractic care make more sense? Gentle, precise chiropractic care by Dr. Linsay Way at Wellness Way Chiropractic in Burlington offers an effective means of preventing, decreasing, and in many cases eliminating the cause of your back pain without medication or surgery.

Source: Bigos S, Bowyer O, Braen G, et al. Acute Low Back Problems in Adults. Clinical Practice Guideline No.14. AHCPR Publication No. 95-0642. Rockville, MD: Agency for Health Care Policy and Research, Public Health Service, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, December, 1994. Read more