Chiropractic Care Reduces Migraine Frequency By 90%

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Research Shows Chiropractic Is Most Effective Option For Migraines
Many migraine sufferers need pain-killers to manage their pain, but those drugs might actually cause more headaches that they prevent. Recent research suggests that overusing medication causes extra headaches in 1 out of every migraine sufferers. The good news is that there are natural solutions that won’t cause worsening of your headache symptoms.

migraineAlthough many individual case studies have suggested that chiropractic care is effective for treating migraines, a 2000 study was one of the first randomized, clinically controlled trials for chiropractic treatment.

127 adult participants who experienced at least one migraine per month were recruited for the study. Chiropractic care was provided to half of the participants while the other half were used as a control group. The participants were treated over a period of two months, with a maximum of 16 chiropractic treatments given. The patients kept track of the severity, duration, frequency, disability level, associated symptoms, and use of medication in a diary during the study.

Compared to the non-treatment control group, the patients receiving chiropractic care reported significant improvement in these measures throughout the course of the study. In fact, after the completion of the care plan, 22% of the treatment group reported a 90% or greater decrease in their symptoms. The findings support previous case studies showing significant improvement in patients’ migraine symptoms after chiropractic spinal adjustments.

In addition to correcting mechanical issues that contribute to headaches, chiropractic care also appears to affect the physical conditions associated with stress. Many migraine sufferers report stress as a major contributing factor to their headaches.

Another 2012 clinical study showed that chiropractic treatment reduced the average severity of symptoms in migraine sufferers by 68%.

Migraine Headache Relief At Wellness Way Chiropractic
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