Got Back Pain? Tips For Improving Back Pain At Home

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Back PainGot Back Pain?
For those dealing with acute or chronic back pain, simply getting through the day is often a challenge. Maybe you were in a car accident at some point and the pain still lingers. Maybe you recently took a bad fall or have a sports injury that causes normal range of motion or even sleeping feel like a chore.

Whatever the reason, what’s most important in recovering from back pain is getting it treated as soon as possible. The earlier you see a chiropractor or other spinal specialist, the less likely you’ll become dependent upon drugs and/or surgery.

Depending upon how and why your back pain developed, a chiropractor can offer you a combination of strengthening exercises, physical therapy, and recommend postural changes. Here are a few more tips to help manage your back pain.

Get Moving As Quickly As Possible
After an accident or injury to your back, you may be required to spend a few days in the hospital or at home confined to bed rest, but’s important to work with your doctor to decide the most appropriate timeframe to get up and moving again. Any more than 3 days of bed rest for acute back pain can actually prolong the length of disability due to back pain.

Keep Activities Safe & Simple
Take your time before jumping into more strenuous activities like gardening, heavy-duty cleaning, or any activities involving excess strain on your back. Ask your doctor about trying walking or even gentle yoga stretches. Regular movement that involves moving your body into an upright, neutral position often helps minimize back pain.

Correct Your Posture
While the immediate cause of back pain might be a recent injury or accident, spinal degeneration is a process that usually happens over the course of many years. Poor posture while standing and lifting should be addressed when recovering from back pain. Back pain caused poor posture is often a problem for those sitting at a desk for eight hours a day. If this describes you, consider working with a chiropractor or other specialist to find an ergonomic office chair that will be more comfortable while working at a desk.

Strengthen Core Musculature
Your abdominal and gluteus muscles are integral to supporting the proper positioning of your spine. Working with a personal fitness trainer to safely strengthen your core muscles can help prevent future problems.

Don’t neglect the health and well-being of your spine! Dr. Linsay Way at Wellness Way Chiropractic has treated hundreds of Milwaukee, WI patients since 2010, helping them reach their goals of more enjoyable and pain-free lives. She puts priority on identifying and correcting the root cause of her patients’ symptoms. Dr. Linsay views each patient as a unique challenge, thoroughly evaluating their history and specific needs in order to recommend the best course of treatment. While her initial goal is symptom relief, she puts emphasis on stabilization and prevention.

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