Cycling: Preventing Back, Neck and Joint Pain With Chiropractic Care

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Reasons To See A Chiropractor: Chiropractic Care Improves Quality of Sleep

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Consumer Reports Ranks Chiropractic #1 for Back Pain

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9 Reasons To See A Chiropractor: #1

#1: Chiropractic Improves Structural Posture and Enhances Life It's often said that first impressions are the most important. Whether it's Read more

9 Reasons To See A Chiropractor: #1

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9-Reasons-To-See-A-Chiropractor-12#1: Chiropractic Improves Structural Posture and Enhances Life

It’s often said that first impressions are the most important. Whether it’s in your personal or business life, your posture can speak volumes before you even utter a word. The improved posture that comes with regular chiropractic care can make a dramatic difference in self confidence.

Posture ranks right up at the top of the list when it comes to factors that influence good health. Read more

Why Your Purse or Handbag Could Be The Source of Your Pain

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bagMy Bag Is Killing Me!
Your purse is stylish, your laptop bag is professional, that diaper bag is practical and your backpack is the epitome of cool. But carrying the wrong kind of bag, or even carrying the right kind of bag in the wrong way, could also be the source of your neck, back and shoulder pain. In fact, in some cases it can even lead to headaches, nerve damage, and long-term postural abnormalities.

In fact, handbags are one of the biggest culprits for chronic injuries in today’s women, and it’s no surprise why. The purses of today look more like army rucksacks than the tasteful clutches or utilitarian handbags of previous generations. If you carried a ten pound bowling ball around in a bag all day, every day, on the same shoulder, you wouldn’t be shocked to hear that it’s going to strain your back and neck. But many women carry around ten pound handbags every day, and unless the act of carrying it causes immediate pain, it often goes unnoticed. Read more

10 Ways Seeing A Chiropractor Regularly Can Benefit Your Health

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ID-100171791Are You Missing Out?
Those who have never experienced chiropractic care may be completely unaware of the incredible health benefits of regularly seeing a chiropractor. Whether it’s because you are experiencing a specific problem or just want to improve your overall health and well-being, when you visit a chiropractor, you’re taking a positive, natural approach to your healthcare.

Here are 10 health benefits that regular chiropractic care can provide for you and your family. Read more

Do You Have A Posture Problem?

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The Posture Question
When I discuss posture with my adolescent patients I often think back to my childhood and being reprimanded by my elders to “stand up straight!” or “quit slouching!” or “sit up and tighten your core!” But as annoying as it was then, I hope that parents here in Milwaukee, Greenfield and West Allis are telling their kids the same thing, because most people just don’t understand the importance and necessity of good posture for your overall health!

Why Is Good Posture Important?
We’re often told how important proper posture is, and it’s easy to recognize poor posture due to years of bad habits in older adults. But many fail to consider that your posture is simply an outward reflection of how well your spine (and therefore your spinal cord and nervous system) are functioning! Read more

Got Back Pain? Tips For Improving Back Pain At Home

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Back PainGot Back Pain?
For those dealing with acute or chronic back pain, simply getting through the day is often a challenge. Maybe you were in a car accident at some point and the pain still lingers. Maybe you recently took a bad fall or have a sports injury that causes normal range of motion or even sleeping feel like a chore.

Whatever the reason, what’s most important in recovering from back pain is getting it treated as soon as possible. The earlier you see a chiropractor or other spinal specialist, the less likely you’ll become dependent upon drugs and/or surgery.

Depending upon how and why your back pain developed, a chiropractor can offer you a combination of strengthening exercises, physical therapy, and recommend postural changes. Here are a few more tips to help manage your back pain. Read more