I was having extreme pain in shoulder and spine almost year round. I couldn’t sleep and was deprived of my regular activities. But after these last few months treatment I found myself back again. This is my first chiropractor experience, and it’s amazing. A big thank you Dr. Way.
Swati C., Milwaukee
I went to Wellness Way Chiropractic for the first time after a mild chronic back pain was amplified to severe when I took a hard hit in a mosh pit. An MRI showed what appeared to be a bulged disc and two pinched nerves from two vertebrae going in opposite directions. I finally decided to go in after giving it a week to “see if my body would straighten it out”, which it didn’t. I walked in with my mom and a cane hunched over in pain. Came out standing straight and at least half reduction in pain. Over the course of maybe 4 more visits i was back to new again. It’s amazing.
Thomas S., Milwaukee, WI
I came to Dr. Linsay originally for headaches. I was a little leery of chiropractic treatment at first, but it was fantastic! I am feeling great; for the first time in weeks I have not had a headache! Thank you so much! I highly recommend Dr. Linsay for chiropractic treatment. She is conscientious, caring, and has the best interest of her patients at heart!
Roger M., Milwaukee, WI
Thank you for all that you have done and are doing to get this old body back into shape. I’m feeling younger every day!
Pam J., West Allis, WI
Dr. Way has really helped with the headaches and neck pain that I had had for years. She explained what was causing the problem and what she was going to do, and her treatment was very gentle. I highly recommend her!
Peggy B., Milwaukee, WI
Well it is official, I think I’m on the road to completely eradicate my migraines. With 7 days straight of migraines to start off May, and only 4 or 5 non-headache days the rest of that month I was pretty miserable, and pretty much out of action that month. My last migraine was May 26, and I have only had 2 headache days since – and one was all sinus pressure. I took a chance to try something new (for me at least). I started seeing a chiropractor, and not just any chiro; the way Dr. Linsay adjusts is incredible. Not only do I not have the headaches (and constant downing of OTC painkillers), I have more energy, I can focus on my business, and I actually WANT to workout and train for my upcoming Triathlon (instead of just going thru the motions)…. I can’t believe the difference a few weeks can make!
Melanie S., Greenfield, WI
For six months I had such severe back pain that at times I couldn’t even walk to the end of the driveway without being in immense pain. I visited a spine specialist, who prescribed injections, a discography, and several medications, but nothing helped. At the suggestion of a friend I decided to give Dr. Linsay a try. Within a few weeks, my back pain had significantly improved. I am able to walk and pick up my grandchildren without being in constant pain. I continue to see her for maintenance care and I would most definitely recommend to anyone who has back problems to give Wellness Way Chiropractic a try too!
Nancy A., Menomonee Falls, WI
Before beginning with Dr. Linsay I suffered from severe headaches and radiating pain down my right arm. I relied on 1000+ mg’s of Ibuprofen every day for months on end without realizing the damage I was doing to my liver and stomach. And even though I was able to function, the headaches and pain never really went away with medication. After seeing Dr. Linsay over the past month, however, not only have the pain and headaches virtually disappeared, but my energy is higher than ever! Thank you so much!
Michelle V., Milwaukee, WI
It’s difficult to describe how debilitating the pain in my back was before I started at Wellness Way Chiropractic. It prevented me from doing the things in my life I loved, like playing with my kids when they got home from school or running. Thanks to Dr. Way that’s all changed. By my second visit I felt the pain disappearing and now I’m pretty much pain-free!
Cindi T., New Berlin, WI
I can’t believe I waited so long to find a chiropractor for the low back pain from a football game months ago! I strongly suggest anyone searching for chiropractic help to go see Dr. Linsay. It was a completely different experience than I’ve had with chiropractors and PT’s before, and I mean that in a good way.
Josh G., Milwaukee, WI
Dr Linsay is an amazing chiropractor. I was in extreme pain with my shoulder and I was losing strength in my hand. Almost instantly my strength came back in my hand after she did some adjusting and soft tissue work on my shoulder! Thanks Dr Linsay, you are the best!!
Kelly M., Menomonee Falls, WI

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